About Daryl

Daryl Kibblewhite had no idea where his professional journey was heading when he first picked up a stills camera. That was over 50 countries and 30 years ago. Since then, as a professional cameraman, he has been there and done that; from filming Land Rovers on the salt flats in Bolivia and the award-winning documentary of the players lives from the 1967 North Korean football team in Pyongyang, to standing on stage at the Brit awards and revealing the life of serial killer, as told through the victims left behind.

Daryl’s job has seen rapid changes in technology, from the clunky tape-based cameras of the 90’s to the new digital era of card and file technology. He is able to operate cinematic style cameras and lenses; film with full frame DSLR’s on gimbals and motorized tracks; and record sound on Wi-Fi enabled microphones, whilst lighting with flexible bi-colour LED panels, all of which would have previously required an army of technicians.

Daryl’s recent work has been mainly focused on sport and sporting events, in the capacity of features camerawork, 2 Olympic games, 2 FIFA world cups and 9 Tour De France races to name a few. He enjoys filming the dynamic nature of sport, but also loves being involved in all types of programme-making across the industry, from documentaries and drama to editorial and corporate. Each genre has its own individual set of challenges, that allows Daryl to transfer his skills onto and push his own boundaries to give the best results he can for every gig.

Growing up in Cornwall moulded Daryl’s love of the outdoors. In his free time, he will be found on the trails biking or hiking (with a visitiation to the odd pub).  

Daryl is still on his professional journey and he eagerly awaits where it’s going to take him next. It would be an honour and a privilege to take the next leg of his journey with you.

"As a Producer/Director who has worked with Daryl for over 15 years, I can truly say that it is both a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a great professional. His meticulous attention to detail, willingness to help a Director work their way through a sequence and wealth of experience is invaluable. And it’s not only his depth, but width of experience that is important – from filming vehicles at silly speeds, to corporate documentaries/dramas, interviews, conferences and book trailers, Daryl is adaptable."

"Daryl’s friendly and sociable character not only makes him a great crew member, but also great with business clients – who I know enjoy his quiet, professional, can-do attitude. If you’re looking for a true professional, at the top of his game, look no further than Daryl Kibblewhite."

Dr. Edward McCaffrey, FHEA
Producer / Director Joose tv